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The primary benefit of green cleaning with its emphasis on cleaning for health, not just appearance, is a cleaner, healthier building. and a healthier indoor environment translates into concrete, bottom-line benefits for building owners, managers, and building occupants.

Increase productivity - reduces health problems among workers, reduces absenteeism.

Improve worker recruitment and retention - healthy indoor environment improves morale among existing employees

Potential greater income in rental - more tenants are aware of indoor air quality and will actually spend more per square foot in a "green’ building.

Lowers cost - better cleaning procedures and safer products improve health of building occupants and workers, reducing healthcare cost. Correcting a problem at the source, such as using safer products, cost significantly less and is more effective than taking corrective action at a later date.

Fewer complaints - as the building is maintained better there will be fewer complaints.

Compliance with new governmental regulations - using less toxic chemicals helps ensure compliance with the current and emerging regulations.

Longer lasting buildings - green cleaning often extends the life of facility’s carpets, floors, furnishings, computers, HVAC systems and other components

Better public image - with increased publicity, the environment has gotten in recent years, green cleaning will create a more favorable image for facilities.

Green Cleaning - a way to clean using environmentally safer products to safe guard human health while minimizing the impact on the environment.

There was very little demand for environmentally safer products in the past because many people believed changing to environmentally safer products will be significantly more expensive and / or didn't work as well. Now days there are much better products available.

We at Total Clean Up will only use environmentally safer products that have been tested to be both safer and work just as well /or better than the standard cleaning chemicals. We believe in environmentally safer products without compromising quality

Illness are reduced by 24%
Doctor visits reduced by 34%
Courses of antibiotics reduced by 24%
Days absent by 46%

Green cleaning extends the life of facility's carpets, floors, furnishings, computers, HVAC systems, and other components. This reduces replacement costs and saves the owner money in the long-run.

EPA ranks indoor air quality as one of the top 5 risks in the U.S. excessive VOC's airborne particles / dust and indoor pollutants can cause health problems among workers and building occupants, resulting in increased absenteeism and lower productivity on the job. Among some of the problems are skin, eye, throat irritation, severe allergic reactions, asthma attacks, headaches, dizziness, and nausea to fatigue.

Green cleaning with the right procedures reduces VOC's in the air and improves the health of workers and building occupants. A healthy indoor environment improves morale among existing employees and facilitates recruitment of new personnel.

Studies have shown:

Air borne dust inside buildings decreased by 52%

Volatile organic chemical (VOC) concentrations decreased by 49%

Bacteria decreased by 40%

Fungi colony-forming units decreased by 61%

U.S. Business could realize a productivity gain of $30 to $150 billion annually and an increase in worker performance of 0.5 to 5% by improving their indoor environment through better ventilation and cleaning!

Even Schools benefit from green cleaning

According to Charles Young Elementary School in Washington DC, for example:

School Attendance increased from 89% to 93%

Math scores at basic or above increased from 51% to 76%

Reading scores at basic or above increased from 59% to 75%